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I'm Faithless, I'm a 27 year old goth that's into psychology and philosophy. I enjoy RTS (4X, TBS also), RPGs and Old School games as well as nature and gothic culture and music. I'm a part time skeleton

Avatar and Intro Scene made by my friend Zach check him out at: Zach's Facebook Zach's Twitch

Special Thanks to Carnage for these wonderful banners you can check him out at: Carnage's Twitch

Rules: 1. Don't be a douchecanoe

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  2. Please ask before posting links

  3. This is a 16+ Stream meant for older teenagers and adults if you are below this age you may be asked to go elsewhere.

  4. This place isn't for politics there's literally thousands of other places you can go to stand on your soapbox (including making your own channel). I wanna make this place escapist where we can just hang out.

  5. Please do not advertise your stream if you wish to you can join our Discord server

  6. Complies with VIMM ToS

I do have a mic, please feel free to yell at me if my music is too loud and I'll adjust it for you and I am always happy to have a conversation

All art is promotional art taken from the game Total War Warhammer II by Games Workshop and Creative Assembly all rights reserved


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